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About Pharmasan Labs

Who we are?

Pharmasan Labs is a diagnostic and research laboratory offering traditional testing using plasma and serum, as well as non-invasive testing using saliva, urine, and stool. Pharmasan Labs is headquartered in Osceola, Wisconsin with LDN as an international partner in Nordhorn, Germany. We bring 20 years of experience to clinicians, research institutes, and government agencies both nationally and internationally. Outside the laboratory we will soon be offering medical programs addressing weight management, alcoholism, addiction, and men's and women's hormonal health.


Pharmasan Labs is a fully accredited reference and research laboratory. Our certifications include: ISO 9002, CLIA, and State of New York license. Pharmasan Lab's principle founder and laboratory director Gottfried Kellermann, is the former president of Elias, a manufacturer of laboratory assays. His first hand experience in assay design and development is evident in the accuracy of the tests Pharmasan offers today.


Pharmasan is actively investigating the role of neurotransmitters in depression, attention deficit, appetite control, and mental health. These investigations have brought new insights and helped to improve the clinical outcomes for many patients.

Neurotransmitters play a pivotal role in brain chemistry. The explosion in the number of prescriptions written for anti-depressant drugs is sobering and indicate how important proper levels of neurotransmitters are to clinical conditions. It is estimated that at some time in our lives, half of us will suffer from a neurotransmitter associated disorder. This is remarkably similar to recent statistics which suggest 55% of all people have depleted neurotransmitter levels.